Rebelote contre coinche

by Casse Brique

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Second and last album of amazing mathrock band Casse Brique ! COLLECTOR ITEM

CASSE BRIQUE /// is an utilitarian loud rock duo native to Brussels. Traditionally, one of the players handles a sort of racket supplied with cords, six or four of them, which he can only modulate along a horizontal axis and whose effects can be emphasized using extra pedals. The goal is to prevent for the beats of the rhythmic section to go over the melodic lines. If he succeeds, the ball is sent back in the direction of the percussive bricks, and otherwise, the audience surrounding the formation will claim for reimbursement.


released July 1, 2011

Casse Brique - Rebelote contre coinche | 300 ex | 2011 | SMM009 | Vinyl LP
Casse Brique are : Max T. : Drums & Bell / Julien Conti : Guitar & Bass
Recorded by Matthieu Charray & Gil Kockelmans at Block Bunker Records
Mixed by Matthieu Charray
Mastering by Fred Alstadt at Ångström
Artwork by Tristan Bordmann ( // Photo by Mihnea Popescu

*Julien would like to thanks : Mattt Charray, Gil Kockelmans, Honest House, Spank Me more, Bastien from Tandori, Dr. Hanna , Xavier from risque zéro, The Chane Chick Té family, Daniel from I Love Marbach, Tristan, Mihnea, Julos, Emilie, Loco, Mamat', Steve, T2, Vinch & Matt.

Taifun, Volt Voice, Frank Shinobi, Foxes in Boxes, Coyote, El Dinah, Robot Orchestra, Adolina, Petula Clarck, Pentark, Le Double, Code 314, Amber daybreak, L.T.D.M.S, Le Singe Blanc, Pneu, Papaye, Papier Tigre, Room 204, Fordamage, The Redneck Manifesto, Oui Mais Non, The Happiness Project, La Pince, Büff, Party Program, El Bar & Monocle.

Thanks to the people who came to our shows, to the people who organised gigs for us, to all the bands we met on the road, to the Réunion island, to all the people involved in the casse brique experience. It's been a short ride, but a good one.

*Max remerciements : Aux précieux soutiens de la première heure et à ceux rencontrés, qui ont fait en sorte que l'aventure soit chouette. Merci aux mouflons, à la mère rasta, à yannick, à ghandi, au slip, à la moustache mal rasée, au karaté défensif et à mélanie…



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