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    The music of Finkle is grown on a soil of 70's rock, song writing and jazz and is fed with post-rock, noise music and analog synths. Finkle likes grainy textures, layered noise and distortion, especially when used with acoustic instruments, clean percussions and solid synth. Contrast is what makes it. Songs too are crucial and everything always starts with a song and a guitar. Enjoy these two truely moving tracks!




released February 23, 2011

Finkle - Spankdigital#02 | 2011 | Free download

The SPANK DIGITAL collection is a free-downloadable tracks series of breakthrough artists or singular projects SpankMeMore Records whishes to promote. A kind of "digital 7 inches", completely free to download. Pass on the link!



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Spank Me More Records is an indie label based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2008, SMM Records aims to promote eclectism, musical experimentation and discovery.

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Track Name: Dust

Dust in the flow
Of light from the window
My knees on the floor

The smell through the door
The sound in the corridor
When you wake up at night

A shiver down my spine
When I recall
The taste of those days

You sank my boat
You're the reason of it all
You sank my boat

A shiver down my spine
When I recall
The taste of those days

©2009 Max Finkle
Track Name: My Ghost

My ghost lives like me
Like I used to live
Only slightly less anxious
Of what is there for him
He wakes up in the morning

He fries eggs sometimes
He grinds coffee
Still morning in his head
Ripple on the sea
He goes to work anyway

He never thought it would be
Like that between you and me
He thought that what we had
Was stronger than what we see on TV
He thought it'd last forever

Our old carpet still lies
In the hallway
Next to the chests and boxes
In which I laid my stuff away
I've been living in this head too long

Your love was staedy and absurd
It filled me with happiness
Too much

©2009 Max Finkle